Highly reliable and effective SMS delivery
and mobile communication services on
a global scale to mobile service providers
and businesses across all industries.

For our clients



Retail enterprises can greatly benefit from SIRIUS’s mobile services as our messaging solutions lead to open cost savings, generate new revenues and expand brand awareness companies across industry.

With our certified SMS-platform and guaranteed uptime of 99.99% we provide further opportunities for retailers to remain competitive.

Diversified - The range of applications:

  • Product information / promotion
  • Order status Information
  • Customer notifications

Due to SIRIUS’s proprietary messaging platform your SMS will be delivered to your clients within 10 seconds.

Banks / Financial institutions

Your clients will always be aware of what is going on with their money, with the help of mobile solutions provided by SIRIUS. Enterprise customers like banks, credit card, capital market and security service companies can rely on several mobile services and solutions by SIRIUS for the following:

  • ATM and credit card notifications
  • Statement information (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Mobile TAN (mTAN)
  • Credit programs informing
Banks / Financial institutions

Due to SIRIUS’s proprietary messaging platform your SMS will be delivered to your clients within 10 seconds.

Tourism / Public transport

For enterprise customers like travel agencies and portals, public transportation, airlines and hotels SIRIUS offers several mobile services and solutions, which can help you to deliver immediately:

  • Booking confirmation/codes
  • Changes in travel information, e.g. times, gates, platforms
  • Voucher for business clients
  • Customer loyalty/retention programs
  • Lost Luggage assistance tracking
Tourism / Public transport

Public sector

The modernization of public administration continues to progress, while the use of mobile services and applications supports the E-Government essentially. SIRIUS offers solutions that help the Public Sector to communicate with people in a fast, easy and secure mode.

SIRIUS solutions simplify communication with residents and offer notifications for:

  • Expiry / reissue of different documents (passports, certificates, references etc.)
  • Towing an illegally parked car
  • Public events including visitor management
  • Disaster warnings
Public sector

M2M (Machine-to-Machine)

The M2M is a smart and automatic communication between objects and machines. With the support of SIRIUS proprietary messaging platform and M2M connectivity machines are able to evaluate certain data and trigger desired actions to other machines. In conclusion, this means a maximum of sustainability, efficiency and safety.

M2M services can be used in all kinds of enterprises, for example:

  • Healthcare: Support for chronically ill patients
  • Logistics: Locating and tracking shipments
  • Energy sector: Recording meter readings
  • Consumption sector: «SMART» house.

Although M2M has been used in several industries for more than 20 years, the interaction of machines will play a major role in the future. It is estimated that there will be over 50 billion devices connected by M2M within the next 10 years.

M2M (Machine-to-Machine)

SMS Hubing

The usage of our SIRIUS messaging platform offers access to A2P and Bulk Messaging Services, enabling worldwide SMS transmission for companies of all industries and sizes, from global multinationals to small and medium-sized businesses.

We operate our own proprietary SMSC offering unrivalled coverage and consistently high quality service to our customers. Our fully adaptive platform connects to multiple international carriers securing n+1 redundancy for every destination required. Our coverage ensures access to more than 800 GSM and CDMA networks in over 150 countries. We are supporting SMPP and HTTP protocols.

MNP Queries

The introduction of MNP (mobile number portability) has created an additional challenge for mobile operators and mobile services providers in a large number of countries worldwide.

SMS transmission to the correct mobile network operator has become a crucial factor in the provision of mobile messaging services. By combining different connections, multiple national mobile number databases and other information, SIRIUS ensures the SMS transmission to the correct destination network.